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Male Stud Dogs go Nuts at Six and Removing Wee Stains

I also learnt today from one of the servicemen who breeds Rottweilers, that he thinks stud dogs “go nuts” when they reach six years of age. He thinks they get hormonal and destructive, and they mark their territory because they have matured and become like grumpy uncontrollable men, around the time a female is on heat, which lasts about 23 days. He had had his male dog desexed. He said it went through a plaster wall in half a day trying to get to his female on heat.
I thought Rev went nuts when he turned seven because he had two girls, who both came on heat twice a year. He ruined our new carpet, the side of my desk and the previous lounge suite which we had in our family room, by marking his territory whenever a neighbour’s dog barked. It drove me nuts having to clean up the wee! The main problem was I did not always realise he had weed on the door to downstairs. Therefore the stain was left far too long and repeated too often to be able to clean it off completely with “Orange Power carpet cleaner”. I clean with this after first removing the wee with a Slurpex sponge, which I have had for eight years. Regularly disinfecting this $20 sponge has helped it last for 20 years; I know because this is my second one. I just purchased some more cleaner today. It took ages to find it in Safeway with their carpet cleaners. I hope they never get rid of it; it is so cheap too. $4.60 compared to $8 for most of the others, more importantly ‘it works’. I have to use it twice on a stained patch sometimes, about two weeks apart, before the stain goes permanently, but it does go in nylon carpet. I cannot remember how well it worked on a wool carpet; but I know I chose nylon carpet upstairs because I was able to clean off a six month old stain from my nylon carpet downstairs, but I could not do that on the 80:20 wool/nylon mix which we had previously. Another tip is, never use bleach on wee stains on wool; it will turn orange and the orange mark seems to be permanent.

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