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Pin Numbers and Competitions for Sues

At 3.30 today, Light FM gave people the opportunity to call them because it was “Pin Number Day”. I rang in and they played my conversation with them on the air.

I shared with them an idea I had to help the elderly, some of whom I knew were scared about having to remember a pin number.

My tip for remembering a pin number is to choose four digits on their credit card as their pin. This should not be the first four digits or the last four digits. They need to remember just one number, which can be something like the month their oldest child was born in. I gave the following illustration: Say that month is June then 6 is the number they need to remember. That is the digit on their credit card where their four digit pin number starts. That way they have not written down their pin number for someone else to find, but when they use their credit card it is right there in front of them so they can remember it. Also if their credit card is worn and hard to read, they can get a business card and write out their credit card number on the back of it, and keep it in behind their credit card. That way when they use their credit card in the machine they can look at the business card to see their pin number.

At the end of our conversation just before I hung up they asked me, would I like to be one of the people they might call after 4 pm for a competition, they needed people with the name Sue. I told them “Yes, OK”. Their request seemed odd, why would you only allow people named Sue to enter a competition?

I should have said “No”. It was so distracting trying to work and listen to the radio in the background at the same time. I didn’t know if they were going to give out any help with this competition, prior to calling someone named Sue. I gave up listening in the end and went upstairs to help Adam decide which board went where for his woodwork project. I went back downstairs and was just in time to hear their competition. Ruthie, one of the light FM compere’s, was doing a detoxing program with her husband. They had Ruthie’s husband on a phone line as well as a lady named Sue. They asked Sue to give her pre-prepared message to Ruthie’s husband. She gave him a compliment for taking part in the detoxing program. Then they asked Ruthie’s husband, “How do you feel now, you have just been sued?”

I told Adam about what they wanted Sues for.

Later as we walked out the front door to take him up to the Diamond Valley Baptist Church, to take part in the church leadership program for the X factor youth. He said, “Mum, you could change your business name to “Get Sued Tax and Accounting Services!”

I was horrified at the idea of course!

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