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A Book that Can Solve Relationship Problems

To Brian, Greg and …*I removed the rest so it does not reveal too much about some people.

I hope you read this book and pass it on. I gave a copy of it to a Playgroup Mum in the playgroup I used to lead. She had talked with me about the fact that she had asked her husband to move out of their family home. They were having a number of problems. We prayed together and later I gave her a copy of ‘The Five Love Languages’. They got back together and both of them read it. They both said it was great. It totally improved their marriage.

I hope and pray that it will help you and your wives to get back together, then enjoy your marriage.
With love and best wishes from Sue Moss.

P.S. If it does help will you let me know? Also let me know if I can tell other people that it has helped you. You can contact me through my website Also if you need more answers in any way you could ask your local minister.

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