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Adam's Yr 11 English Essay

This is a warning which I never thought or imagined I would have to put in the book “God given wisdom”. Please stop reading here until page 138; August 15 if you are young and ask an adult to read the next lot of pages. They can tell you roughly what it is about but I don’t want children reading the detail as it is not pleasant.

August 14

On the way home from Boys Brigade I asked Adam to tell me more about the speech he had given in English. He told me earlier that he had been given an A+ and his teacher had asked for a printed copy of the speech so she can use it to teach next year’s year 11 students how they can achieve top grades.

It starts with “All animals deserve to live a life free of fear and abuse”. He told me his teacher had given him an A+ partly because this PowerPoint presentation and his speech were all based on very reputable information contained in websites like the RSPCA, an article from a reporter for the Herald Sun and as usual I cannot remember the names of the others, but after he explained the rules an article on them had to pass through to be on the site, I had to accept the truth of what he was saying.

I previously suspected Adam and Natalie had just been finding information on the Internet which supported their point of view rather than only accepting very reputable sources. So I had never really listened hard to the detail supporting their vegan stance.

I also believe God intended us to eat meat. He told the Israelite priests to eat the meat sacrificed for the sins of the people. All through the Bible the people are told how to prepare meat and what they can and should not initially eat. Then Peter is told in Acts that he should eat non-kosher meat which people at the house he is sent to will be eating.

Adam’s argument has been for a while, that in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were told to eat fruit and seed from plants. It was only after man sinned that they started to eat meat.

This next section is not about us being converted to the belief we should all be vegans. Alana and I do not intend to stop eating meat or supporting the dairy industry, but until the cruelty in egg farms is stopped in at least some of them we have decided not to buy eggs again.

On the way home from Boys Brigade Adam told me about the practice of egg farmers. The male chicks at a few days of age are macerated. The egg farmers need to replace the hens when they stop laying so they have to breed hens quite regularly. They don’t want the males so they sort them and throw the males in a bag then throw them while they are alive through a mincer. Some are gassed to death. He went on to explain about broiler chickens. He had found that some chicken farmers selectively breed chickens which will put on weight much faster than their legs can cope with. Their legs end up breaking and they have to stand on them in pain for weeks until the chickens are big enough to be killed for meat.

I told Adam that I found it hard to believe all egg farmers killed the male chickens at a few days of life as he said. I was sure they could incubate the eggs at a certain temperature so they only bred female chickens to replace their laying hens. I told him I wanted to know which egg farmers did that rather than just keeping the healthy females and throwing the others in a mincer. I told him I would boycott the cruel chicken farmers and only buy eggs from the cruelty free egg farmers.

So while Adam said good night to Natalie on the phone I went downstairs to find information on the Internet which supported my belief. I found information which explains why my belief was an ‘old wives tale’. The best temperature to incubate eggs at is 60°C, they found that if you reduce this to 40°C you do not change the sex of the egg, but you get a reduced survival rate, particularly for the male chickens. The website went on to explain that the percentages of males versus female chicks which survive are less, but not significantly. The overall loss of female chickens from using the lower temperature method seems to stop egg farmers using that method, and they’d still end up with male chickens anyway.

In the process of looking for this, the RSPCA website came up. It said that they wanted the egg farmers to use early DNA testing on the eggs so that they knew which ones would be females and only raise those eggs to the live chicken stage. They explained that egg farmers did not want to do this because it would add to the cost of the eggs. The RSPCA pointed out that of the two methods of killing the chickens, the mincer was actually the more humane. The carbon dioxide gas which they used to kill the unwanted chicks takes about two minutes to work and during that time you can see the little chickens shaking their heads while they slowly die. The mincer only takes a second to kill them.

Adam came downstairs to my office then after speaking to Natalie on the phone. He told me about the broiler chickens and I told him the belief I had about egg farmers being able to incubate the eggs at a certain temperature to just breed females was wrong.

Adam read his speech to me and I asked why there was no detail about egg farming. He explained he had used a PowerPoint containing pictures of animal cruelty on farms after first warning students. He had previously explained to me that his speech was initially too long so he had to cut out about 800 words, to keep within the time limit. The following section to “some of them will get that chance” is his speech on animal cruelty in the farming industry.

All animals deserve to live a life free of fear and abuse. Whether it is a beloved family pet or a nameless farm animal, all cherished joy, and fear violence. Imagine being brutally beaten, abused and tortured all because you cannot speak while those who are just like you, are being pampered, loved and cherished, you are repeatedly electrocuted, all of you females are being raped and impregnated only to have your children taken away from you, and for the males, having your testicles ripped out of your scrotums without any pain relief. Today I will be exploring why it is, that we as humans deem some animals as stupid, unintelligent and useless pieces of meat but others are our loving companions and friends? Secondly I will be revealing the animal cruelty laws that are being broken every day, and why places like the meat egg and dairy industry do not even have laws protecting the animals, only the animal abusers. Finally, I will uncover the lies and myths that we are told, which lead us to partake in the torture and abuse of animals for most of our lives.

In this country we strongly believe in equality for all beings, so why is it that when we talk about animals they get divided into two groups, those for friends and those for food? Much of the world views dogs as trusted companions or protectors, but in some parts of Asia, they suffer terribly as victims of the trade in dog meat for human consumption. However why do most people already view pigs, chickens, fish, sheep, and cows as food rather than living, feeling beings?

In Australia more than 42 million cows suffer and die for the meat and dairy industries every year. When they are still very young, many cows are burned with hot irons, their horns are cut or burned off and male cattle have their testicles ripped out of their scrotums- all without painkillers. Once they have grown big enough, they are sent to massive, filthy feedlots to be fattened for slaughter. Many female cows are sent to dairy farms, where they will be repeatedly impregnated and separated from their calves until their bodies give out and they are sent to be killed. You would never wish this upon your pet dog or cat so why allow it to happen every day to farm animals.

Like all animals, cows form strong maternal bonds with their calves, and on dairy farms and cattle ranchers, mother cows can be heard frantically crying out for their calves for several days after they have been separated. Cows are curious, clever animals who have been known to go to extraordinary lengths to escape from slaughterhouses. When interviewed by The Washington Post, one slaughterhouse worker said, “They died piece by piece.”

Looking at animals like they’re machines is outdated, and quite frankly, 100% insane. Because, if we all understand that animals use their eyes to see, ears to hear, noses as to smell, mouths to eat, and legs to walk, I’m always perplexed that most people don’t believe that they can also use their brains to think, feel, be rational, and be self-aware! Are we supposed to believe, that every body part of an animal functions just like it’s supposed to, except the brain? Those lies are thick.

Common practices on Australian factory farms which cause immense suffering and would be illegal in any other circumstance, are permitted due to industry ‘Codes of Practice’. As a result of Codes of Practice, mother pigs can be locked up in crates barely bigger than their bodies for most of their pregnancy. Piglets have their tails sliced off and teeth cut without any form of pain relief. Laying hens suffer their entire lives in battery cages where they can’t even stretch their wings and millions of ‘meat chickens’ die every year because they are bred to grow so fast that their legs are unable to support them.

Few in the community are aware that animals raised for food are denied the same legal protection from cruelty as dogs or cats – and governments, retailers and cruel animal industries would prefer it remained that way. They know as we do, that since all animals share an ability to suffer we have an ethical responsibility to protect them all from harm. Maximising profits for cruel industries is the motivation of industry operators and governments. It can never provide a justifiable excuse in any civilised society for permitting abhorrent acts of cruelty to millions of animals each year. Codes of Practice also cover animals used in rodeos, circuses, theme parks or those hunted for sport – allowing them to be treated in a way that would be illegal if those responsible were accountable to actual animal cruelty laws. Why do we protest against inhumane puppy farms but support the cruelty inflicted upon cows, sheep, chickens, and fish?


Some might argue that we as humans are biologically created to eat meat and other products of animal cruelty, this is a lie 98% of animals who are abused and killed on this planet, are abused and killed by the meat, dairy and egg industries. This is where all the harm is taking place! And in Australia, from birth until death, each meat eater consumes around 4000 land animals, and thousands of other marine animals. Those are from the Australian bureau of statistics. And they seem to think a lot of people eat animals, because we’ve all been told that humans are carnivores, we’re omnivores, we’re meat eaters and we’re supposed to be doing this.

Are you aware that physiologically the human body is actually 100% herbivorous? Plant eaters! The length of our intestines are somewhere between 7 to 13 times the length of our torso. That’s the same length of all herbivore animal intestines on this planet. They’re very long. But the length of the intestines on real meat eaters, hyenas, coyotes, bears, dogs, tigers and lions, are only 3 to 6 times the length of their torso. They have a short intestinal tract, so they can push through the quickly decaying animal flesh, cholesterol, and saturated fat, which is why it is impossible for any genuine meat eater to ever, clog their arteries. It never happens to a real meat eater. What’s the number one killer of humans who choose to eat meat, cheese, milk and egg? Heart disease caused by clogged arteries. Humans and other herbivores, sweat through our pores to cool ourselves. We don’t pant, like dogs, cats and lions to cool ourselves down. We have carbohydrate digestive enzymes in our saliva, only herbivores possess that, meaning we’re supposed to be eating tons of carbohydrates like fruits and vegetables.

Our teeth are broad, short, blunt, and flat, just like the teeth of other herbivores and before somebody blurts out hey Adam what about those canines? Most herbivores have canines, incisors and molars it would not be possible for them, for us, to be eating hard fruit like apples without those teeth. Our lower jaw goes from side to side in a grinding motion; if you grind and chew when you eat, like you all do, you are an herbivore. The jaws of carnivores and omnivores can only go up and down, vertically, rip and swallow, there is no chewing, grinding, side to side action. And why is it that if eating meat is healthy, vegetarians live on average 6-10 years longer than meat eaters and vegans live 8-13 years longer than those who consume animal products, both of whom suffer from less body deterioration, such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, osteoporosis, cancers, heart defects and other life-threatening illnesses. Even if you still disagree that we are biologically herbivores NO ONE is biologically designed to exploit, torture, abuse, and discriminate against any other being.

If you ever wish to say that you care about all animals in the slightest you cannot discriminate, if you are eating meat YOU DO NOT care about all animals, you only care about those you consider worth caring for. By changing what you eat, you can change your whole view on life, not only will all animals that you would’ve eaten get to live but you personally will feel the difference, all animals deserve to live without fear or abuse and by removing your contribution to their current pain and suffering, some of them will get that chance.

Adam made a mistake in his last paragraph by stating, “By changing what you eat… not only will all the animals that you would have eaten get to live…” The truth is if there is no profit in breeding animals for the meat, eggs and dairy products they would never have been bred in the first place. Many vegetarians would argue it is better to have never lived than to live a life of torture.[1]

I told my son I would put his article on the website God given Wisdom and a little while later I found an old photo I had taken of my two children on a holiday at my brothers home holding his wife’s newly born chickens.

There is more to this section of the book God Given Wisdom which you can easily skip to in the PDF file using “find” to search for it. Most of the book is a record of short incidences which can be read in any order including the four page conclusion which is incredibly well organised by the Holy Spirit.

[1] I found when I googled how to spell broiler chickens a well written three-page fact sheet on I would like to encourage people to read it and think, “Should we do anything to try and change these facts?”

God Given Wisdom
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