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What should we do when our neighbour’s house alarm goes off?

Yesterday at 2:30 pm my neighbour’s alarm went off for about five minutes. It was hard to tell which house had an alarm going off, so I walked along the street and looked for a flashing light. I found the correct house and had a look around the front but did not walk onto the property. I could not see anyone and it was such a windy day that I thought maybe a door to under his house had blown open a little. As I went back to my own home I notice water pouring down the outside of the retaining wall onto the public footpath. I checked in the backyard to see if the hose was on but it was not, it turned out that the wind was so strong it had blown the pool cover half off and was making waves in our pool. The waves were splashing up and over the top of the filter, and then running down and out through the brick retaining wall next to our pool.

I went inside and wrote a note for my neighbour. I walked over to put it in his mailbox and he was in his car in his driveway when I got there. His alarm had rung his mobile phone and he was able to get there very quickly. I knew he used to work as a security officer for our government, so I asked him what he thought anyone should do when their neighbours alarm went off. I explained to him how my father-in-law had been asked over the phone one night by a friend living up the street from him, if he would come and check around her home because she thought she had heard someone. He went straight away to check and there actually was someone there hiding. That person hit him over the head with a piece of timber. He was hurt but he survived and recovered well. My neighbour said he definitely would not want me to thoroughly inspect his property and possibly put myself at risk. He explained that high winds can set off a burglar alarm in certain conditions and we discussed the possibility that a large spider walking across a sensor might also set off a burglar alarm.

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