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Arches in our feet

Brianna also talked with me about problems in her feet that may have been caused by poor arch support. We learnt about the need for good arch support when Alana was at primary school. I took her to the doctor because she had pain in her legs for some time. He checked her over and then asked about her shoes. They were cheap fairly flat shoes we had been given. She had been wearing them for a number of weeks. The doctor told us to throw them away and get her shoes with good arch support. It worked; it took away the pain she had been putting up with for weeks.

When she was 15 she got a job that required her to stand on her feet for long periods of time. To avoid pain she needed expensive new runners. We went to Rebel Sport, got their advice and found the pair that suited her most comfort wise. They cost over $200 but she wore them nearly every day until she was 19 and they did not wear out or fall apart. They just became too stained from mud to keep wearing; the washing machine could not clean them.

I would like someone to invent good slippers, that don’t look like slippers, which have good arch support. They also need soles that would not harm the leather recliner seats when I push on the foot rest to close it. I would like to wear them for warmth in winter in my home, but not feel caught out if someone knocks on the door.

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