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Good Tips to Share; Garage Door Motors

We all have good tips to share with each other; many are learned through trials we go through. The ones I record I would want to know that God had confirmed that I should write about them. Like this Sunday with Ian who shared with me a tip about silicon spray. After 25 years his garage door motor finally had to be replaced. The gentleman who installed the new one was absolutely amazed that the old one had lasted 25 years. It was the oldest he had ever replaced, so he thought maybe it was not used often and was amazed to hear it had been used regularly. Ian told me that the secret to his motor lasting so well was that he had done what he was told to do when it was installed . About six times a year he cleaned the tracks and sprayed them with silicon spray. Another friend of mine told me theirs only lasted 10 years, they have looked after it a little but not regularly like Ian.

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